Registration of PEARL and GeoPEARL - part I

FOCUS PEARL 2.2.2 (and higher) and GeoPEARL 1.1.1 (and higher) use the Interbase Database Management System, which is installed as part of the (Geo)PEARL installation. You need a so-called deployment license for Interbase usage. You can request a free deployment-license through registration at this website. After registration, we will keep you informed about future (Geo)PEARL developments.

Registration instructions

Details First, select one of the options from the dropdown menu below. Select previously registered only if you have registered before with this new system. If you have an old registration only, please select first time registration;
Details Specify a valid e-mail address;
Details In the case of a previous registration, you will also be asked for a password. If you need password help, an e-mail with your password can be sent automatically;
Details Select the submit button to go to the second screen. Here, you will be asked to specify further details;
Details When ready, you will be brought to the download pages.

Registration form - part I

Password: We can send you an e-mail with you previously specified password - select request password below.